Embrace your Practice

The idea behind “embrace your practice” yoga mat originated during the confinement period in 2020. I realized that there was high demand for good quality yoga mats in Nice-France mismatched with low supply.

When I bought my first yoga mat during my visit to India to attend the teachers training, it was my daily companion. During my practices, I have emptied into my mat all my emotions, pain, happiness, dreams, energy, secret wishes, sweat, tears and blockages. My mat has shared with me the final moment during each savasana ; the unison and the relief. Obtaining your own yoga mat has more benefits then just hygiene requirements. It becomes your workout best friend. It motivates and attracts you to do your practice, even during those moments when you don’t feel motivated enough. We all do have such moments , no matter how dedicated and committed we are.

Therefore, we took the extra mile by creating “embrace your practice” mat, which is vegan, ecologically sustainable with extra space and extra firm grip to help you progress in your practice. It will meet you at any level from beginner to advanced. 

The design is simple but yet it was created in a way that helps you to automatically adjust your postures and encourages you to stay present. The logo design was created in a burst of emotions . My need to connect, evolve and belong to something that is bigger . It was made to remind me of the things that really matters.

Below are eight meanings behind “embrace your practice“ mat:

1. The number 8 is a spiritual number.

2. The Infinity symbol reminds us about how small we are within the universe , yet an important part.

3. The third eye reminds us to believe in our gut feelings.

4. The sun reminds us of the fire within us.

5. The baby moon reminds us that every day can be a new beginning.

6. The cycles of life reminds us that all shall pass.

7. A smile heals everything.

8. A reminder that everything is connected.

This mat was made out of hope and belief that we can create even during dark moments. It was made out of the need to grow and expand.

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